Monday, June 13, 2011

Nozzleman's Creed

Aside from residing in the pantheon of the greatest movies made, Full Metal Jacket introduced the world to the Rifleman’s Creed. The mantra recited each night by the soldiers in boot camp as they lie in bed with their last line of defense, their rifle. The intimate reciting of the creed ingrains the mutually important relationship between operator and tool in completing the mission. This singular tool serves as the separation between success in their job or death at the hands of their enemy.

We draw parallels every day between our occupation and military, whether it is the rank structure, camaraderie, or the daily risking of our lives. The similarities should not stop there, the rifle is their last line of defense, and the nozzle is ours. Therefore, we would be remiss in the not “stealing” this idea and making it part of our Engine Company culture…….god knows we steal plenty of one-liners from the movie!

So when you tuck your probies in bed this evening in the firehouse, have them snuggle up to their last line of defense and in unison recite the nozzleman’s creed. The stark white t-shirt and underwear are optional…..

This verbal commitment to the firefighting nozzle is only the beginning; it must begin with a thorough inspection on a routine basis. Feel free to use the checklist provided in an earlier post to help in creating your nozzle inspection process.

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