Tuesday, April 2, 2013

25 to Survive: FDIC HOT Workshop

FDIC: HOT Workshop:
25 to Survive
The Residential Building Fire
Monday 4/22 8am-12 Room: 238-239
***Soon to be released as a book from PennWell Publishing***
More firefighters are seriously injured and killed while operating at residential building fires than at any other building type we encounter. This presentation will address 25 critical firefighting issues common to the residential building. While these 25 topics are not an exhaustive and comprehensive list, they are repeatedly noted in many 'near miss reports', National Institute Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) recommendations and Line of Duty Deaths (LODD's).

Join Capt. Dan Shaw and Lt. Doug Mitchell as they identify these 25 prevalent topics and give you tactical tips techniques and drills to give us the advantage in these critical areas. You will be able to bring back more than just what you 'heard' in class. This programs mission is twofold; it’s for citizens in the communities we serve, and for those entrusted to thier safety, firefighters and fire officers. This mission will have immediate impact and lead to an increase in efficiency and effectiveness on fireground operations.

The program is in 4 key segments:
  • Combat Ready
  • Developing the Mastery of Firefighting
  • Engine Company Operations
  • Truck Company Operations.
The inherent dangers in Residential Building Fires reinforces the need for all firefighters, from Probie to Chief, to have a thorough knowledge of the modern residential building and how our efforts effect fire conditions throughout them.

This is a MUST SEE program at FDIC! We hope to see you there...

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